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If you have found this page during an online search for someone to buy your property it probably means that you are on the hunt for someone to help you out of a financially stressful situation. Selling a property through traditional means could take months, years or basically more time than you can wait. When in a time crunch to sell, the level of stress and headaches increase. We want to help you alleviate the time that it takes to list the property, time spent showing the property, the effort dealing with an agent and closing paperwork that will seem overwhelming. If you need someone you can trust to help you, look no further. We have the real estate know how and expertise in the field to help you in any situation.

Some of the reasons that an owner would need to sell a property fast:

  • • Relocation       • Damage costs beyond what you can afford to put pay.       • Behind on Payments       • Retirement
  • • Pre-Foreclosure     • Tax Liens     • Estate Homes     • Vacancy    • Death in the Family   • Inheritance     • Divorce
  • • Bankruptcy       • Loan Modification Denied       • Expired MLS       • Job Loss       • Past Due Tenants
  • • Owe More Than Is Worth     • Unexpected medical bills or legal fees     • No Offers

  • A real estate agent might tell you:

  • • The house needs too much work for it to sell to a retail buyer to maximize the most amount of money that you could potentially get for the house. This means that you would need to make repairs and upgrades to the house to find a buyer quickly at your desired price.
  • • There are too many homes on the market in your area, and demand is low. This means that you will need to list the property for a lot less that what you thought and could take months or longer to finally sell.
  • • You have zero equity and you are currently upside down on your mortgage, otherwise called “negative equity”. This means that you will actually lose money on the transaction of the sale.

  • What we would tell you:

  • • We will pay you cash for your property.
  • • We will buy your property as is with no need to make any repairs or cleaning.
  • • We can close the deal within as little as 10 days!
  • •Our goal is to find a win-win solution to your problems, save your credit and get the money you need.

  • FAQ's

  • Do you charge me to come and do a value assessment of my house? NO!
  • Is there any obligation if you make an offer on my house? NO! We never charge or require any commitment for us to see if we can work together.
  • Will I have to remove the personal property from the house? NO! Any offer we make will be "AS-IS".
  • Do you buy vacant land? YES!!!
  • I have a past due tenant, will you buy my house? YES! If we buy your house we will handle all aspects of the property.
  • What do you do with my house after you buy it? It depends! Depending on the house we may opt to renovate the house and sell it to an owner occupant. Or we may to hold it as a rental.

  • For a no obligation consultation call us at 804-218-5820